Sunday, April 21, 2013

Use Guided Access for iOS to Safely Lend Your Phone to Friends

Has someone ever asked to borrow your iPhone to call home, but then went through your personal information? Hopefully not, but it has happened to many kind-hearted phone lenders. Luckily using the built in Guided Access feature you can hand over your phone with less worry. Guided Access is designed as an accessibility feature but can be used by everyone. To learn more about Guided Access click here. Even with this feature use caution and common sense when lending your phone to people.

To get started, go to "settings" then "general" and then "accessibility". Guided Access is only avalible in iOS 6. In the accessibility menu go to Guided Access and turn it on. Then you will have to set a passcode. Make sure you remember your passcode. Now when you want to lend your phone to someone go to the app you want them to use and triple click the home button to start Guided Access. After turning on Guided Access no one will be able to access any other app without knowing your passcode. When you get your phone back just triple click the home button again and type in your passcode to unlock your phone. Watch the video above to learn more.

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