Thursday, April 17, 2014

EU Regulation Requiring Hybrid and Electric Cars to Make Artificial Noise Will Improve Safety for Blind Pedestrians

Hybrid and electric cars pose a major safety challenge for pedestrians. The cars, which use electric motors, make very little noise, making them almost impossible for blind pedestrians to detect. Electric cars are gaining in popularity due to their energy savings and improving affordability. In response to the increased threat quite electric cars are posing, the European Union (EU) is preparing to mandate electric and hybrid cars have noise alerts for pedestrians. By 2019 cars sold in the EU will be required to include audio alerts. While the implementation of the rule is still four years off the importance is sure to only grow as electric cars become more and more popular.

America has yet to require audio alerts for electric cars, but legislation has been proposed. Hopefully, the EU's changes will spur electric car makers to add audio alerts to their cars and improve the safety for pedestrians everywhere. As seen in the above video some cars such as Nissan's electric car already offers pedestrian alerts.

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  1. This is an eye opener. At first I never really thought that hybrid cars come with negative effects but as you pointed out, it can cause accidents especially for those with hearing impairment. I am for hybrid cars with artificial noise!