Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snap&Read by Don Johnston

Don Johnston recently introduced a new product named Snap&Read. Don Johnston describes Snap&Read as follows,
"The simple one on-button toolbar that reads any text on-screen as it floats over any application."
 To use Snap&Read just press the selection button and drag to select the text you want to be read aloud with high quality text-to-speech. Snap&Read can read text in Flash, PDF and images files along with plain text. You can purchases Snap&Read on a USB flash drive and use the program on any computer. Snap&Read works the same on Macs and PCs. To watch a video about Snap&Read click here. To learn more about Snap&Read and its features click here. 

1 comment:

  1. I think it's a nice software program, easy to use in any application. However, the OCR capabilities are fairly week. Trying to use it with text in Flash, there were so many errors that it wasn't functional. Also, it picks up a number of punctuation that it should ignore such as (). Other TTS software read typical ASCII text better than Snap and Read. It does come with ATT's Ryan and Heather voices, so while I would recommend it, it's a recommendation with reservations.