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  1. Can someone please answer a few questions for me? I am currently an adult student taking classes to become an advocate for people with disabilities. I also have a daughter with CP and devlpmtl delays, and a husband who now has physical disabilities from a severe auto accident in June this year. I also have severe arthritis so I am looking for a few things too. One of my homework assignmwents is to get info from someone who uses assistive technology, what type of tech, how it is helpful, what it was like before, how it has improved life, how they found out about it. I'd love to have several answers to my question rather than just provide 1 person's response. Anyone you can respond, thanks in advance for your input.

    1. I have Multiple Sclerosis after several realises, my Occupational Therapist prescribed a wheelchair , air cushion, and shower chair for me to use at home. I accepted my physical disabilities and have no bad g using the above aids.When I lost my vision, I felt very depressed. Fortunately after doing acupture I resumed partial sight. However, I felt tired to work on desktop computer. When I got an iPad2 which really resolved my problems. I can use e-mail, facebook, audio book at ease. I used the voice over function to read document. I felt more excited and connected more with my friends, I am no more a lonely guy. Now I really want to try the iPhone 5.
      Hope the above information is helpful to you.

  2. Just read the NYT article:

  3. Also, I took this from WWDC 2012. It's an Apple promo video on my YouTube channel, they might take it down eventually.

  4. Hello. My name is Ashley and Im a graduate student in the field of Rehab counseling. I am currently enrolled in a Assistive Technology class and it has really caught my attention. I wanted to know would anyone be willing to share any stories about their experiences with assistive technology whether good or bad. Also I would love to hear any suggestions of technologies that are not yet on the market that you thing people with a disability may benefit from.

  5. I'd like to know if hearing aid also counts as Assistive Technology. Moreover it's very difficult to get a cell phone that wouldn't disturb my hearing aid.