Sunday, October 23, 2011

Notability Note Taking App for iPad

Notability is a note taking app for iPad. The app is available for $0.99 in the App Store. To download the app click here. Notability allows users to take and edit notes with multimedia including audio and visual. Notability allows users to input text with a keyboard or using their finger to write each letter. Notability also allows users to draw diagrams and highlight. The following from Notability's website,
Discover happiness in capturing your ideas and pursuing your dreams. Notability, the first truly integrated note-taking app on iPad, allows you to do just that. Audio recording, advanced word processing, full-featured handwriting, PDF annotation, and auto syncing flow together seamlessly, allowing you to create comprehensive, beautiful notes, quickly and simply. Even customize the look and feel to fit you."
One of Notability's killer features is audio recording. Notability describes the audio recording feature as follows,
"Standing on a framework that automatically links notes with audio recordings, this tool is perfect for recording lectures, meetings, and interviews. A simple tap to start and your ready to record your speech, presentation, or discussion. Recording even continues when your using other apps. These recordings enhance the review process beyond words. Simply tap on a line and listen to exactly what was said when you were typing. The unique sound amplification features will make sure every word is audible wherever you are. When you finished reviewing, keep the recording for a later date, or delete it. Its your choice."
Another great new feature is the ability to edit and modify PDF files. PDF annotation is described as follows on Notability's website.
"Import lectures, presentations, and forms, straight into Notability from email attachments, the web, or you favorite cloud service. You choose the tools that best help you capture information on a PDF. Write, draw, highlight, type, in an array of colors, or add images. Take notes in text or use a writing block to create a movable canvas. All these features work together to ensure you can create notes that fit your life."
Notability is a great, low cost app for taking notes. To download Notability click here. Click read more below to learn more about Notability.



  1. Notability is a good app, but the Ghostwriter Notes app works for me perfectly! It's because I don't get any problem in synchronizing it to Dropbox. I don't get any fuss in sharing my notes to my classmate.

  2. I agree Dev! Ghostwriter Notes is a very competent note-taking app! I bought one just a week ago via and I must say that their new iPen feature is really an edge!

  3. Really? Maybe I should go with this Ghostwriter you are talking about. I've seen in their website that they have a discount coupon. Thanks guys!