Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Apple Confirms September 10th iPhone Event

Apple has confirmed previous rumors that the next iPhone will be announced on September 10th at 10 am pacific time. Apple is widely expected to unveil two new iPhone models at the event; a cheaper plastic model and a new top of the line model. The higher end model is rumored to include a fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone more quickly than a pass-code  Apple is also expected to provide further details and a launch date for their redesigned iOS 7. iOS 7 will be available on most current devices and will include new accessibility features. Unlikely to make an appearance at the event are new iPad models which are expected to be announced later in the year.

Be sure to check back here on Tuesday, September 10th for analysis of all of the day’s announcements and how they impact the world of accessibility.


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    1. Thanks for reading the blog. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's announcements too. To learn all about the new iPhones and their accessibility features make sure to check the blog tomorrow. Thanks!