Thursday, July 17, 2014

Too Much Background Noise when Recording Lectures with Smart Phone or Table Built-in Microphone? Check Out the Ampridge MightMic

Mobile devices are convenient tools that students use to record classes and lectures, reporters use to record news conferences, and business people use to record meetings. Some use note taking apps like Notability, Remarks, or Livescribe+ to augment their notes with audio recordings. The benefits of recording the audio can be minimized by poor quality recordings from built-in microphones.

Built-in microphones tend to do a poor job of isolating sounds which results in background noise that makes the desired sounds difficult to hear, especially for people with hearing impairments.

The AmpRidge MightyMic microphone plugs directly into the headphone jack of any smartphone, tablet, or computer that supports microphone input. It proves an alternative audio output jack so users can still plug in headphones while the microphone is plugged in. Its compact size makes it easy to use in class and makes in relatively discrete. The MightyMic microphone works well with an iPhone and is only slightly longer wider than the width of the phone. The microphone  even worked fine with my bulky iPhone case. Once plugged in you can angle the microphone towards the front of the room to capture the most important sounds. In my testing, the MightyMic microphone was on par with the built-in iPhone microphone for close range recording, but worked considerably better than the built-in microphone in a classroom or outdoor long range environment. The MightyMic microphone reduced background noise resulting in better sounding audio playback. If you frequently record classes, lectures, or meetings and are less than satisfied with your device's built-in microphone, the MightyMic mic is a good option to give your sound a boost. If you're looking for a big improvement in sound quality quality you may have to look towards more expensive options.

The Ampridge MightyMic retails for $70 on Also included is a protective carrying pouch and foam protective cover.

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  1. My daughter would like to start using dragon dictation on an iPod touch for help with spelling in a classroom. (She currently uses it at home.) We have found that it is pretty accurate as long as she holds the iPods mic close to her mouth. Do you think a mighty mic would further reduce background noise in a classroom setting or is it only necessary for recording lectures and such?


  2. Hi Michele,

    For in class I think a pair of headphones with an integrated microphone would probably be helpful. Many headphones have microphones integrated in the headphone's wire. This positions the microphone close to the mouth. Some of these headphones are relatively inexpensive and might do the trick. If you happen to own an iPhone, the headphones that come in the box have this type of integrated microphone. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.