Friday, July 22, 2011

Read2Go Review

Read2Go is a Daisy reader app from Bookshare for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is $20 from the iTunes app store. If you are unfamiliar with Bookshare click here. Read2Go allows you to download books, newspapers and magazines directly to your device through your Bookshare account. Downloading books to your device with Read2Go is extremely simple. Most books download in less than five seconds on a Wi-Fi connection. Once you have your book downloaded it is added to your bookshelf for easy access. The app includes options that allow you to customize your reading experience. From the settings menu you can chose font size, the book’s color scheme, text-to-speech voice and text-to-speech speech rate. Read2Go is completely compatible with VoiceOver. When in reading mode you can add bookmarks, search for text and navigate by section or page. When reading a book the app is responsive and almost never freezes. The app would be even better if it included a built-in dictionary for one touch look up for unfamiliar words. In conclusion Read2Go is the best way to read Bookshare away from a computer. Read2Go has most of the features of Read Out Loud but the big advantage of Read2Go is simplicity and portability. With Read2Go you can read anywhere without having to be at your computer.


  1. Does anyone know how many words per minute it will read? I can't find this anywhere!

  2. Thank you for your question. The Read2Go app can read up to 260%. I'm unsure how many wpm that is but it is very fast. Hope this helps!

  3. Does Read2Go off the ability to take a picture of a page of text, OCR it, and convert it to speech?

    1. No Read2Go is for reading books. For great OCR and text-to-speech app search for my post about Prizmo app for the iPhone. Thanks for the question

  4. Will read2go be available for android, i.e. Nexus 7?