Thursday, June 9, 2011

Free Audio Books from Overdrive Media

Overdrive Media and local libraries are teaming up to provide free audio book to members of the library. You can download overdrive media here and then go to your library's website to download free audio books. There are waiting list for some books but many audio books are available with short waiting lists. The size of the waiting list depends on your library. Overdrive has an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app as well as an Android app that allows users to download books directly to your device. Listening to audio books and reading along can be very helpful for people who have print disabilities. Also, Overdrive provides books with professional narration which are better then computerized text-to-speech voices. The best part of Overdrive media audio books is that they are free to any one with a library card.

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  1. great info, but she talks so fast I had to keep pausing. that said, very helpful.