Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ginger Corrects Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Ginger is an automatic spelling and grammar tool that corrects mistakes at the touch of a button. Ginger also has other features that Microsoft Word spell check does not. People who have dyslexia, are learning English or need documents with correct spelling and grammar can benefit from Ginger. Ginger corrects mistakes that spell check does not such as homophones. Ginger also makes context based corrections. For example if you write "Their is a big house" Ginger would corrected the sentence to "there is a big house." When editing a document press F2 to get corrections from Ginger. Ginger includes a text-to-speech option that speaks the input and output text aloud. The text-to-speech function can also read documents, web page and emails aloud. For users that wish to improve their grammar and spelling, Ginger offers informative lessons and quizzes. In order to use all of the features of Ginger you must have an Internet connection. The cost rages from $4.90 a month to $89 for a one time payment depending on the features you want. The premium version cost $89 and comes with text-to-speech, lessons to learn from your mistakes and spelling and grammar check. For $29 you get contextual grammar and spelling check. For a monthly payment of $4.90 you also get contextual grammar and spelling check. Ginger is only available for PCs. To test out Ginger type a sentence into the graphic above and press "Ginger It." Visit for more information.

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