Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trimit Summarizes Any Text into a Couple Sentences

Trimit is an iOS app that summarizes any sized article into a few sentences. The app is free for a limited time so download now. Trimit can take large articles and condense the information into smaller amounts of text. Trimit tries to convey the maximum amount of information it a short amount of text. In order to have an article summarized you type in the URL or copy and paste the text into the app. 
"trimit uses a wide variety of heuristics and variables in editing the content to convey the maximum amount of information in the specified length. When summarisng, specified filters can be applied, which include as the addition of acronyms, abbreviations, URL shortening and even removal of vowels that are not integral in the word’s comprehension." 
Trimit allows you to choose the length of the summarized text. Your summarized documents can be 140 characters to 1000 characters in length. Once your document is summarized you can share it via social media sites. For more information about automatic summarizing tools click here and here.


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