Thursday, August 18, 2011

Braille iPad Case

The iPad has many accessibility features built into the software. iOS includes VoiceOver, white on black and zoom. To learn more about iOS accessibility click here, here and here. A new concept case has a built in refreshable Braille display. The Braille display is very thin and does not add much wight. To learn more about thin refreshable Braille displays click here. The Braille display covers half of the screen for non-sighted users this is not a problem. The Braille iPad case is not for sale as of this post. To see more images of the Braille iPad case click read more below.


  1. You should really check out the denim iPad case. Of all the ipad cases reviewed it turns out to have the coolest looks -- awesome!

  2. I really love the notebook style iPad cases. I found this company called portenzo which is very similar to dodo. I haven't found not one bad review on this company. Does anyone know about Portenzo? Anxiously awaiting feedback.