Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kraken II Dockable Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Many people, including children, use the iPhone as an assistive technology device. The Kraken II Dockable case is an ideal case to protect your iPhone. The Kraken II Dockable Case is great for both children and adults who need superior protection for their iPhone. The case will protect against most bumps and drops so there is less need to worry when using the iPhone.

The Kraken II Dockable Case is a rugged and protective case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It features three layers of protection and a few cool features. The first layer of protection is a silicon inner shell. The inner shell is attached to the second layer of protection which is a plastic outer shell. The third layer of protection is a build in screen protector which protects the screen against damage. The outer plastic is a soft touch material that feels nice in the hand and does not show finger prints. All of the ports and buttons are covered with rubber but are still usable. The headphone port, mute switch, and dock connector are covered by rubber flaps to keep out dust. The lock and volume buttons are easy to feel and provide good tactile feed back. The home button is flush with the front of the case and can be hard to locate by feel. The phone speaker is covered by a dust shield that works well. Much like the Kraken AMS, case the Kraken II Dockable Case has a kickstand on the back which is perfect for video chat and much more. On the bottom of the case is a thick silicon flap that can be easily removed to dock the case. It is not common for a rugged case to be able to be dockable. However, with the flap off it is difficult to push the home button because it is very recessed.

At the time of the posting, the case costs about $30 from Trident says the following about their docking feature of the case:
"The bottom of the case features a removable silicone sleeve which allows the case to be placed in a docking station without the hassle of removing the case."
The case does add bulk to the phone, and makes it heavier and less sleek, but if you are looking for protection, and the ability to dock your iPhone this case is for you.

Click read more below to see more videos and pictures of the Kraken II Dockable Case.

Case was provided complimentary to the reviewer.


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