Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is the Remarks App Remarkable?

Remarks is a note taking and PDF annotation app for the iPad. It allows users to take notes with a stylist or finger. The app also allows users to edit PDFs by adding handwriting, drawings, text or pictures. The app has very elegant navigation options including viewing all the pages in a document and quick page selection.

There is not a search feature that allows you to find a word within the document. From the main screen users can arrange their documents into folders. There is an option to to search for documents from the main screen.You can also change the paper type to graph, dotted, isometric and more. Once you have completed you can email the note as a PDF or save it to the app.

When creating a new note you can add hand writing, text with the keyboard or add images. A cool feature allows you to rest your wrist on the iPad screen while you use your finger or a stylist to write. Users can also draw shapes such as arrows, lines, circles and squares. You can also add images from your camera. When multitasking gestures are enabled you cannot rest your wrist on the screen without unknowingly changing apps.

To annotate a PDF users can use the "open in" button from Safari, Mail and many other apps. When annotating PDFs you can add all of the available elements while making a note.

Remarks costs $4.99 in the App Store.

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  2. This app looks interesting, it can probably recognize which aspect of your scribbles are used to be handwriting but does nothing of it. This doesn't seems to be an reliable app.

  3. agreed great post! altho writePDF just as good to be honest, use it on my ipad for college notes