Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Accessibility Features will iOS 6 Include?

Apple's WWDC developer conference is a month away. Last year at WWDC Apple announced iOS 5 and  if rumors are correct Apple is planing to announced iOS 6 in about a month. iOS is the software that runs the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. iOS 5 brought many accessibility improvements including, Speak Selection, AssistiveTouch, custom vibration and VoiceOver improvements. In the above I discuss accessibility features that I would like to see included in iOS 6. Hopefully iOS 6 continues the trend of accessibility improvements that benefit people with disabilities.
What accessibility features are you hoping to see in iOS 6? Let us know in the comments.


  1. when iOS 6 Launch? I never use iOS but eagerly waiting for new version. I expect more functionality related to application and Games. As far as music functionality concern I expect good and quality sound effect in this phone and looking to eager about new features.jaymin martyn

  2. You have given good information about some techniques for VoiceOver improvements such as Speak Selection, AssistiveTouch, custom vibration and many other. According to me its really very useful for every voice over artist improvement.