Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Apple Configurator: Perfect Tool for Schools With iPads

More and more schools are providing iPads to all or some of their students. Setting up dozens of iPads manually can be time consuming and monotonous. Apple's free Mac app called Apple Configurator solves this problem by allowing schools to set up multiple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch all on once. Click here to download the app from the Mac app store. Once the you have downloaded the app you can change settings and install apps on multiple iOS devices. Apple Configurator is a time saving app for anyone that needs to set up multiple iOS devices. Click read more below to view screen shots of Apple Configurator in action.


  1. good to know .. thanks..especially good to know that each ipad will be set up the exact same to ensure that there are no mistakes.

  2. New thing about technology really helpful for me.