Friday, September 9, 2011

Read2Go App Gets Updated

Bookshare's Read2Go app was recently updated with more features and better performance. If you are unfamiliar with Bookshare click here. The Read2Go app allows Bookshare members to download books directly their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Once books are downloaded you can read them using built in text-to-speech. For more on Read2Go click here and here. One new feature in the update enables the app to handle larger books including text books. Another useful feature allows the audio to keep reading even if your device is locked or Read2Go is in the background. Yet another feature enables schools to transfer books to Read2Go via  iTunes. Read2Go is available in  the App Store for $19.99. Read2Go is a must have app for Bookshare members who wanted a portable way to read their books. To read the release notes click read more below.
  Notes from Read2Go iTunes page.

What's New in Version

• Playback while locked – allows you to continue Read2Go audio while your screen is locked. Turn on Playback while locked in Audio Settings.
• Background playback – allows you to continue reading with Read2Go audio when you exit the app. You can use the audio controls to pause and resume playback by left swiping the multitasking bar. This feature does not apply when using VoiceOver to read the content of books and periodicals.
• Improved stability – book reading is more stable, particularly for larger books. Further enhancements are planned for the next release.
• Page-by-page content loading – allows you to reduce memory usage and improve performance. Users can still revert back to section level loading. Turn Display by Page on and off in Visual Settings. Playback while locked – continue reading with Read2Go audio while screen is locked.
• Transfer books from computer – Organizational accounts can now transfer books, particularly books with images, via iTunes.
• Auto Play – allows you to set books to automatically play upon opening them via Read2Go audio. This setting is available only from the main application Settings and not from the book settings.
• Improved operability with VoiceOver - among the many fixes, you can now navigate to any section, page or bookmark and begin reading via VoiceOver. We are evaluating other improvements for future releases.
• Fix for audio issues with iPad mute switch. 

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